It’s OK to ask for help…


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Dorothy Waide, one of New Zealand’s leading sleep consultant’s understands it’s OK to ask for help. With almost 30 years baby nursing and sleep-settling experience, she believes nurture is central to giving the babies their very best start in life and takes an holistic approach to her work, embracing individual families’ needs, environments and lifestyle. When babies are not eating, sleeping, or settling well, it is easy to become overwhelmed and not know what to do. Dorothy is here to help and support families by sharing her knowledge and skills.

In a loving family there are two nutrients a baby needs: sleep and food.
If your baby is not receiving sufficient of one of these, it will affect the other, and this is stressful for the whole household. Let me guide you to a happier baby, a happier you, and a happier family.

I look forward to helping you and your family

Dorothy Waide Karitane Nurse


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Praise for You Simply Can't Spoil a Newborn

Dorothy, your book has been a godsend for us and our newborn son. After really struggling through our first week trying to get our wee man to sleep, I decided to follow the book to the letter. Worked like a charm! I think more than anything it empowers us as parents to know how to respond and keep our heads together when dealing with a distressed baby. There's always something we can do. It's straightforward, practical, and always nurturing. Our wee man knows he can feel safe and secure and loved which is what every parent hopes to provide. Thank you for putting everything you know into what has become our Bible. Now what do we do after 3 months?
Thanks again, Eva, Josh and baby Joe x
Eva Wong - January 2016