Dorothy Waide Baby Whisperer

Dorothy Waide is a Karitane nurse and one of New Zealand’s leading sleep consultants with strong international connections.

With almost 30 years’ baby nursing and sleep-settling experience in homes here and abroad, Dorothy returned from overseas in 2010 and set up her unique ‘BabyHelp’ consultancy, dedicated to teaching new mums the timeless art – and everyday parenting skills – of ‘mothercraft’.

Dorothy’s experience is both broad and deep, having cared for literally hundreds of babies and toddlers in both short and long term roles. At the centre of Dorothy’s ‘mothercraft’ ethos is nurture, which she believes is central to giving all babies their very best start in life. She takes an holistic approach to her work, embracing individual families’ needs, environments and lifestyle.

Dorothy aims to support and guide mothers through those foggy first weeks, and help them clear the ‘clutter’ of unwanted but well-meant advice from others. She encourages her clients to believe in themselves as parents, their confidence and happiness creating cherished memories for the whole family.

Her philosophy is simple:

“I firmly believe that there is no right or wrong way of dealing with a baby – there are only easy ways and hard ways. My only non-negotiables are quality sleep and good food – twin pillars for a happy, nurtured baby.”


Watch new mum Amy care for her precious 5-week old Isabella and hear tips from OHbaby!’s resident baby whisperer, Dorothy Waide, on life with a newborn baby.
(video produced by OHbaby!)