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Kai Carrier Ultimate Pack
Kai Carrier Ultimate Pack

The Kai Carrier Ultimate pack is everything you need to satisfy the whole family!
The pack contains:

  • 5x 140ml pouches with choke proof lids
  • 5x 300ml pouches
  • 1x Sip'n Silicone Lids
  • 1x Kai Carrier Funnel
  • 1x Kai Carrier Scrubbing Brush

The ultimate pack is a perfect baby shower gift or those wanting to use Kai Carrier for the whole family.

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Kai Carrier Essentials Pack
Kai Carrier Essentials Pack

The Kai Carrier Essentials Pack is great for those wanting to give Kai Carrier a try!
The pack includes:

  • 3x 140ml pouches with choke proof lids
  • 3x 300ml pouches
  • Kai Carrier Scrubbing Brush
  • Kai Carrier Funnel
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Kai Carrier 140ml pouches
10 pack – 140ml pouches with choke proof lids

Our 140ml pouches come with a round choke proof lid to ensure your little ones are safe whilst using our product.

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Kai Carrier 300ml pouch
10 Pack – 300ml pouches

The 300ml size are perfect for storing soup, smoothies, sauces, pesto and hummus.
Kids busy with after school activities? Want to ensure they are eating a nutritious after school snack? Put a 300ml Kai Carrier filled with smoothie into their lunchbox so they have the energy they need to do the activities they want!
The 300ml size is great for use during family picnics, trips to the beach or park, camping, tramping, in the car, at home or for overseas travel Help preserve the environment for our kids generation by using Kai Carriers starting today.

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Sip'n Silicone Lids
2x Sip’n Silicone Lids

ChooMee's Sip'n soft top is the first and only pouch top providing flow control and cap. This silky smooth chewy sipping valve finally gives baby control over the flow rate of their food. Attach it to your pouch and no longer worry about messy spills and pureed explosions. Better yet, teething babies can happily chew their pouch spout with comfort.
The Sip'n lids fit on Kai Carrier 140ml pouches and most store bought pouches (not 300ml or 800ml)

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Food Pouch Spoons
Food Pouch Spoons x2

The Food Pouch Spoons screw on to our 140ml pouches
Simply screw the spoon onto the food pouch, squeeze the pouch and baby food will dispense on the spoon.
Great for younger babies starting on solids.
The spoons fit on all major brand baby food pouches.

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Kai Carrier Collapsible Funnel
Kai Carrier Collapsible Funnel

Take the hassle and mess out of filling your pouches by purchasing a collapsible funnel today!
The funnels have a wide opening and are are collapsible for easy storage

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Kai Carrier Scrubbing Brush
Kai Carrier Scrubbing Brush

The Kai Carrier Scrubbing Brush makes cleaning your pouches simple and easy!
The small nipple brush, which stores neatly in the base of the brush, is great for getting into
those hard to reach places and cleaning out the spout
The large brush is fantastic for general cleaning and fits into all our pouches

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