Snugglesac – Organic Cotton


Get a good nights sleep right from the start! Use a Snugglesac for Cosy sleep with natural movement

One happy Mum wrote in to say:
“My Mum recently brought me a Snugglesac to try out on my 8 month old daughter.
I tried it out last night for the first time after numerous unsettled sleepless nights and I have to say that it is one of the best wraps ever it made her sleep better and for longer stretches I would recommend this to any mum it is absolutely amazing so easy to use, Thank you so much, from one delighted and rested mum.”

The Snugglesac is a brand new innovative sleeping solution that combines the genius of the Dimples Snugglewrap and the Sleepsac into one product for your baby.

The Snugglesac has been designed with your newborn in mind, use at night to get your baby into a good sleep routine right from the start – that way everyone gets a good nights sleep!




  • Use from birth
  • One size fits all (length 63cm from shoulder to bottom of Snugglesac, width along bottom 35.5cm)
  • Super easy to use, no fuss – every new Mum’s, must have wrap
  • Made from 100% pure White Organic Cotton
  • Choose from a selection of the famous Dimples hand embroideries
  • The natural stretch of the cotton elastane used, provides natural movement for healthy hip development
  • Designed by mother of 14 – she knows best!
  • Use at night for sleep time and establishing a good sleep routine right from the start
  • Can be used for privacy while feeding
  • Has opening at back for easy nappy changing without having to unwrap baby
  • Proudly NZ made

How it works:
Put baby inside the Snugglesac and wrap the wings around the arms and upper body which provide that lovely snug and cosy feeling that babies love to sleep with. The Snugglesac will provide the essential warmth over the lower body, legs and feet that babies need through the night. While babies are sleeping in their Snugglesac, they will be able to move their arms and legs naturally while sleeping blissfully.

A quote from Dorothy…
“In today’s society it is about finding the wrap that works for you. What I like about the Snugglesac is that it is partly a sleeping bag, which allows hip, and leg movement, but offers the security and firmness around the babies upper body to be firmly swaddled without restriction of the lower body. As a baby consultant I have had the experience of working with a large range of clients throughout the world for over 22 years, and I am very excited about the Snugglesac, as I feel that it is a must for mothers with new babies in their layette set”.


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