Minbie – 3+ Medium, 2 Teat Pack



  • 2x Medium Flow Teats
  • Storage pod for easy and hygienic transportation


Suitable for babies from 3 months who have been feeding from the Minbie 1+. Unlike other bottle-teats, Minbie supports your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding-motion for seamless transitions back to breastfeeding. Use to support your breastfeeding and your baby’s natural jaw-complex development and digestion. Minbie is anti-colic and anti-reflux. This teat is popular with mothers going back to work.


  • Supports your baby to work at the feed to extract the milk
  • Designed for 3+ strong feeders that can cope with a larger milk flow
  • Unlike other bottle teats, Minbie allows your baby to bottle feed with the same feeding-action as breastfeeding, for seamless transitions from breast to bottle
  • Instinctive feeding technology prevents the bottle taking over from the breast
  • Supports digestive function & sleep


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