Dorothy Waide Video Tutorial Collection (USB)
Dorothy Waide Video Tutorial Collection (USB)

Dorothy Waide is one of the world's most sought-after baby sleep consultants and author of You Simply Can't Spoil a Newborn: The essential Kiwi guide to nurturing your baby in the first three months now shares her 30 years of experience in these essential, concise, tutorial videos to help all sleep deprived, time-poor parents.

  • Burping
  • Bathing & Changing
  • Feeding
  • Settling
  • Swaddling

This makes a fabulous gift for new parents.

If you would like to view the videos in a downloadable format, you are able to purchase these individually on Dorothy's Tools & Tutorials page.

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introduction to Dorothy Waide's services
Introduction to Tutorial Videos

A short introduction to Dorothy Waide's tutorial video series.

(Please note that downloadable video files are not compatible to Apple iphone or ipad devices.)

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Dorothy Waide book
You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn

Dorothy Waide's new book!
You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn reveals my nurturing approach in calming the most unsettled baby and teaching them to self-settle and resettle. I also share advice on solving common feeding issues and managing time, relationships and emotional demands in the weeks following birth.
If purchasing multiple books, please contact Dorothy for a bundled shipping rate.

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Dorothy Waide's Tools and Tutorials
Dorothy Waide’s Tools & Tutorials Bundle

A discounted package to gain access to this great bundle of Dorothy Waide’s Tools listed in the Baby Help “Tools & Tutorials” section. Downloadable charts for ages and stages from Newborn to Toddlers.

  • Routine & nap guidelines
  • Introducing Solids Package
  • Dorothy’s Toddler Pack


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baby swaddling techniques tutorial video
Video: Baby Swaddling Tutorial

This video tutorial is a step-by-step guide for three of Dorothy's favourite baby swaddling techniques: Snow Angel, Cross Your Heart & Straitjacket.

(Please note that downloadable video files are not compatible to Apple iphone or ipad devices.)

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baby settling techniques tutorial video
Video: How to Settle your Baby Tutorial

Video tutorial for Dorothy's go-to baby settling techniques. Including: engulf hold, settling in bassinet/cot, cupping, patting, settling with a muslin square and stroking.
No need to walk the floor or rock them for hours on end.

(Please note that downloadable video files are not compatible to Apple iphone or ipad devices.)

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routine and nap guidelines
Routine & Nap Guidelines

Four downloadable charts with routine and nap guidelines for your baby. Suitable from newborn through to toddler stage.

– General Guidelines for Babies
– Nap Guide
– Daily Routine Guide for Babies 4mths+ (wakes 6.30am)
– Daily Routine Guide for Babies 4mths+ (wakes 7am)

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toddler guidelines
Dorothy’s Toddler Pack

Five downloadable charts to help with the transition from baby to toddler, focused on toddler routine and feeding.

– General toddler guidelines (2 naps)
– General toddler guidelines (1 nap)
– Suggestions for toddler meals
– Servings guide for toddlers
– Three week menu for toddlers

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White Breathable Mesh Cot Liner
White Breathable Mesh Cot Liner

Far safer than the padded cot bumpers you see in most baby stores, these amazing Breathable Mesh Cot Liners for keeping arms, legs and dummies in the cot as well as providing safe protection against bumps!

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Baby Capsule Blackout Shade V2
Baby Capsule Blackout Shade V2

SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats Classic is the versatile sunshade and baby sleep aid designed for use with group 0 and 0+ infant carriers eg Maxi-Cosi, Cosatto, Graco, Chicco, Britax, Concord and many more with a rigid carry handle .

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Travel Cot SnoozeShade Blackout Cover
Travel Cot SnoozeShade Blackout Cover

Use day or night, SnoozeShade for Travel Cots is perfect for trips away from home, holidays or during the bright summer months.

Lightweight, easy to use and with no complicated attachments, it’s ideal for sharing rooms at home or away.

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Plus Buggy Blackout Shade Cover
SnoozeShade Plus Buggy Blackout Shade Cover

Designed by a mum, SnoozeShade Plus protects your baby from the sun and doubles as an on-the-go blackout blind to allow your baby to sleep wherever and whenever.

Works as a sleep aid to block light and blur distractions that keep your baby awake. Simply zip up the outer front panel to create a dark, comfortable cocoon, making it easier for your baby to drop off to sleep at nap time.

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nuna SENA travel cot
Nuna SENA travel cot (black)

Nuna SENA travel cot is the award winning simple to use, no fuss travel cot.

2014 Prima Baby Award – The SENA won the bronze award in the Best Travel Cot category
2014 Mother & Baby Award – The SENA mini brought home the gold award in the Best Travel Product over £25 category

Simple to use, no fuss travel cot:
The chic Nuna SENA travel cot is easy to use because it has a clever zigzag leg design– it pops open easily into a soft, sturdy dreamland, and then refolds with just one hand.

The SENA series belong to a Dutch-designed family of smart baby gear, so you know its revolutionary design is also evolutionary: growing beyond newborn through toddlerhood, and even doubling as a playspace.

Also available: Latex Wool Mattress – for Sena Travel Cot & Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet


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nuna SENA portable cot fitted sheet
Nuna Sena – Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet

one size
fits Nuna Sena travel cots
white organic cotton

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Snugglesac – Organic Cotton
Snugglesac – Organic Cotton

Get a good nights sleep right from the start! Use a Snugglesac for Cosy sleep with natural movement

One happy Mum wrote in to say:
“My Mum recently brought me a Snugglesac to try out on my 8 month old daughter.
I tried it out last night for the first time after numerous unsettled sleepless nights and I have to say that it is one of the best wraps ever it made her sleep better and for longer stretches I would recommend this to any mum it is absolutely amazing so easy to use, Thank you so much, from one delighted and rested mum.”

The Snugglesac is a brand new innovative sleeping solution that combines the genius of the Dimples Snugglewrap and the Sleepsac into one product for your baby.

The Snugglesac has been designed with your newborn in mind, use at night to get your baby into a good sleep routine right from the start – that way everyone gets a good nights sleep!


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Sleep Walker – Summer Weight

Sleep in it then Hitch up and go…

The Sleep Walker is a sleeping bag at night, simply hitch it up over your babies feet and it becomes a dressing gown that your baby can safely crawl and walk around in.

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Dimples sleeved babygrow
Dimples Double Layer Sleeved Babygrow

Brand New Product!

This Babygrow has sleeves that are a double layer of Merino Wool – an ingenious design that keeps little arms extra warm for a better nights sleep.

Jane Ann created this special babygrow that has sleeves made with a double layer of Merino Wool, with young babies in mind to keep their small arms warm at night. The idea is to use this babygrow in conjunction with the Dimples Sleepsac. This keeps baby toasty warm all through the night which will help them sleep better as they will not wake from getting cold arms.”

This Double Sleeved Babygrow has been designed to be used with the Dimples Sleepsac. While the Sleepsac keeps the body warm, the double sleeved babygrow makes sure the arms are also kept just as warm.

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TeethEase Gel
TeethEase Gel 15g

QBaby TeethEase Gel is a 100% natural teething gel free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours and harmful sugars. As your baby’s first teeth start to grow from around six months old, it can be a rather uncomfortable time for them. Providing your baby with the most natural support during this process is vital to their health and happiness.

Benefits of QBaby TeethEase Gel:

– 100% totally natural ingredients
– Contains no artificial colours, flavours or additives
– Supports the emerging teeth and gums
– Maintains a healthy oral environment
– Gentle action

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