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Dorothy has been a tremendous support for our family since we contacted her when our twin boys were 5 months old. I was at the end of my rope and heading into a dark hole of depression. Dorothy listened, understood, guided and supported us. She identified Tom’s silent reflux with just a short conversation, after medical professionals told us it was simply teething. From there, she helped us get the boys into a sleep routine with a nurturing and loving approach. We went away on holiday recently and the boys were sensational, with sleeping and adjusting to a new environment. My husband told me it was testament to the routine we had worked so hard to instill. Our boys are almost 1 and we are a strong happy family unit. Dorothy’s support has helped us get there, we highly recommended giving her a call.
Kelly Roulston – January 2019

We are a young family which arrived in NZ three years ago and became parents for the first time this year. Our baby boy had difficulties sleeping waking up every hour and a half and some days even every 45 minutes. We were exhausted and frustrated and we didn’t had any family support as they live abroad. A friend introduced us to Dorothy, we jumped in and started to make some changes. It was tough work but after 2 months and constant support and checks from Dorothy our son is sleeping much better! We can’t thank Dorothy enough. Totally recommend her services.
Nicolas Mankiewitz – January 2019

Dorothy is AMAZING. Within 2 weeks our 15 month old boy went from waking every hour overnight and breastfeeding back to sleep to sleeping all through the night without any intervention from us. He has also extended his day nap by himself from 1 hour to 2.5 hours. We are all a much happier family now. And all done in such a gentle way that suited our parenting style and maintained our son’s trust in us. We just wish now that we had contacted Dorothy much sooner. Don’t hesitate to get Dorothy’s help.
Lisa Trass – December 2018

My wee 4 month old reflux baby was waking every 2 hours throughout the night from birth. I had so many uncertainties as I had never had a reflux baby. Dorothy was a wealth of knowledge, confidence and support as she guided me to drastically improve his night sleeps and day time routine within 10 days. She was available to answer all of my questions and all if her advice resulted in direct improvement. I feel so more informed, confident and better rested. I also love knowing my wee 1 is on the right track and is getting the rest he needs. Thank you so much Dorothy, I can’t speak high enough of you x
Siarn Stowers – November 2018

Dorothy has been such a huge help with our young twins, guiding us through sleep issues, feeding up and downs and then just a fabulous sounding board for all things baby. I highly recommend Dorothy and her services!!
Sonya Peters – November 2018

Dorothy has been amazing for us helping with our little man! Has a lot of knowledge and goes above and beyond! Thank you very much Dorothy, really appreciate it!
Chanelle Lindsay – October 2018

Dorothy has made a massive difference to my little man and me. I called for help as my 4 month old had been waking every hour since birth and I was really struggling with the sleep deprivation. I needed to do something but just couldn’t bring myself to follow a strict sleep training approach at such a young age. From the very first call, Dorothy was amazing and so generous with her time and advice. Her approach fits perfectly with where I’m at with my little man and I’ve learnt some really valuable skills to help us in our journey to a full nights sleep! Dorothy’s care also extended to me personally and I found her support and empathy for my family situation just wonderful. I’ve loved her straight talking, warm and humorous approach and will be getting back in touch with her for any future sleep challenges we have!
Danic Holgado – October 2018

Almost 4 years exactly after I went to one of your baby sleep sessions in Upper Hutt, Wellington, I had my second child. I used your settling and sleep guides with my firstborn from 10 weeks old. It was great. He didnt end up completely self settling, or sleeping through immediately, it took a while, but after stressful weeks of “cry it out”, your gentle method changed our lives. He became a “transportable baby”. We could settle him anywhere, and sleep became something I felt we were in control of, even though we decided not to pursue “self settling” completely or “sleeping through” until he was weaned at 19 months. I was working full time from 7 months and our routine meant I wasn’t missing out on sleep, although he was still waking once in the night. We transitioned him to his own bed completely and staying in his own bed through the night, about 6 weeks before his baby sister was due. 4 years old! Because of your gentle, sensible method, I felt comfortable about this new baby arriving. I was calm with my firstborn, but I was looking forward to starting your method on my 2nd child straight away. After 9 weeks of settling in arms, I felt she was ready to try self settling. She has now self settled without any crying for a while now, and has even slept through the last two nights! She had about 2 days of cat naps, and so I started the “getting in there at 45 mins to resettle”, after 2 naps like that she was no longer cat napping. I even dug out the piece of paper you handed out with sleeping and wake guides,and she’s spot on!

Even if she regresses, I’m okay with that, because I feel like I have great tools to help her settle and sleep well. Thanks so much Dorothy!
Cheri Silver – October 2018

Thank you so much for all your help via our Skype call, we contacted Dorothy for help to get our little one to take the bottle, we got so much great advice and tips to help us, not only with transitioning to the bottle but also to help with sleep and embarking on solids! I would not hesitate to recommend her services to empower anyone. After the call you don’t get left on your own the follow up is extremely through! Thank you again for your help!
Francene Picot – September 2018

I sought out Dorothy’s help because my beautiful 16 month old was waking at least 6 times a night and it was taking it’s toll! Dorothy was absolutely lovely to deal with, gave me great suggestions to fit my particular circumstances.
We are still working on it but we now only have 1 or 2 wake ups a night.
I can’t thank Dorothy enough!
Courtney Hall – September 2018

We came to Dorothy with our twin girls only having 30 to 45 minute naps during the day and waking up many many times throughout the night. As you can imagine this was leaving us very exhausted!

Dorothy gave us very clear guidelines in a plan we could easily implement.

Very quickly the girls learnt how to self soothe and there naps are now 1.5 to 2hrs during the day and at night they are almost sleeping right through the night without help.

I am so impressed with Dorothy’s approach. She is absolutely excellent. Wow what an incredible improvement and now my husband and I feel so much better as we are getting almost a full nights sleep! Thank you so much Dorothy. Highly recommend getting Dorothy on board to help your little one learn how to self soothe and sleep better.
Monique Riddle – July 2018

I contacted Dorothy when my twins were 9 months and were having 3-4 20mins naps. My poor girls were exhausted and just didn’t seem to be able to connect their cycles. They are now having two 1.5 hour naps and the difference is amazing. Dorothy helped us develop a new routine, gave us plenty of good tips and strategies to embed the routine.
We used Skype for our contact and that worked well, also very convenient being at home. I wish I had of contacted her earlier.
Chloe Henry – July 2018

Thank you so much for your advice and support over the last few weeks! We no longer have hourly wakings at night
Amy Bird – July 2018

Went to a talk by Dorothy today. So reassuring and practical. Brilliant insights. Uses common sense when as a first time mother yours may have deserted You!!
Andrea Hamilton – April 2018

Dorothy Waide is the mother of all baby whispers. She advice us the right tools and techniques to settled our 18month old toddler.
After months of interrupted sleep we were at our wits ends. She’s amazing, knowledgeable and the amount of experience is unbelievable.
Thank you so much for saving us and give us our sleep back.
Emily Jerd – April 2018

Dorothy Waide is the mother of all baby whispers. She advice us the right tools and techniques to settled our 18month old toddler.
After months of interrupted sleep we were at our wits ends. She’s amazing, knowledgeable and the amount of experience is unbelievable.
Thank you so much for saving us and give us our sleep back.
Synay Mal – April 2018

As first time parents, we sought advice on sleep from Dorothy when bubs was 7 weeks old to set us on the right path.

With her nurturing and instinctive approach, Johnny quickly learnt to self-settle and re-resettle himself with little stress for him or us.

Not only did she share her extensive knowledge on Sleep, but our conversations included nutrition, feeding, swaddling, teething, introducing solids and much more.

We found Dorothy holistic, practical and super generous with her time. She was supportive, reassuring and a voice of reason when needed also.

We highly recommend her services, book, videos and webstore!

Thank you!!
Ben & Rebecca – March 2018

I contacted Dorothy during a podcast after a hideous experience with another sleep consultant. My daughter at 4 months had just been diagnosed with CMPI after a terrible time, as well as an undiagnosed tongue tie finally lasered, we had saved up to get some help to get her to sleep better but we felt forced in to cry it out which was horrific for us. Dorothy was supportive, informative and empathetic she not only provided sleep advice but also food advice and emotional support. We had ongoing struggles with her sleeping, being unsettled and screaming for hours all of this took a toll on my mental health and I was diagnosed with PMD, Dorothy yet again was support and provided practical tips. I was in regular contact with Dorothy asking for advice as we hit different struggles like the 6 month “sleep regression”, the I can roll over but not back again, the don’t put me down screamathon, the 3am morning up for the day, Dorothy was always able to offer suggestions that went along with my parenting style and that were sensitive to my mental health. Now my daughter is 8 months old and sadly our health struggles are far from over but Dorothy continues to be one of the only professionals that is looking at our daughter as a person not a number or just one amoungst the many, Dorothy has been invaluable during the last 8 months and as we go through this next stage we know we can always turn to her for support in all aspects of parenting.
Emma Chattington – February 2018

I hesitated to ask for help for quite a while but wish I had called Dorothy much sooner. I’m so grateful to her for sorting us out. Our little girl started sleeping 11hrs a night with greatly improved day sleeps almost immediately after we implemented Dorothy’s advice, with no crying it out. She also helped us establish a good routine to help me transition back to work. I really appreciated that Dorothy’s advice was wide ranging and practical, including looking at my wellbeing. She was also extremely helpful and caring when our wee girl got bad nappy rash and misdiagnosed as lactose intolerant. Thanks Dorothy for guiding us through the rollercoaster of new parenthood, for making us feel that it was ok to ask for help, and for making me a much more confident mother! I’m sure I’ll speak to you again!
Maree Wilson – February 2018

Dorothy is a lifesaver. When I first contacted Dorothy I was a severely sleep deprived first time mum at a total loss of what to do with our 4 month old son who was waking 4-5 times a night and not napping well during the day. She came for a home visit and spent the afternoon with us discussing new strategies and making a new plan that was totally personalised to our son and our lifestyle. He is sleeping so much better now and is a happier boy and I’m a happier mum. After talking with and then meeting Dorothy she provided the reassurance I needed and it wasn’t long before my confidence was back. We can’t thank you enough Dorothy!xx
Sally Crook – January 2018

Dorothy was an absolute life saver helping us with our second little girl. She provided us with so much fantastic knowledge, advice and reassurance which proved invaluable. And after numerous doctors & specialists visits, Dorothy was the only person to pick up on her tongue tie, which after it was dealt with, meant that we had a completely different little girl!
Georgie Sanders – January 2018

Twice I have sent an SOS out to Dorothy and both times she has helped me out immensely. The first time I needed her help was with my very unsettled 8 week old daughter who seemed to scream all day and struggled to get to sleep (anywhere!). The second time was when my 5 month old son (who had been sleeping with no issues) started waking every hour though the night. After contacting Dorothy I was immediately able to implement strategies she gave me to help my babies settle better and as I continued to work with her I could consolidate this. Dorothy’s approach is specific to the age of the baby/child, it is multifaceted and she works with what you are comfortable with as a parent.
Bridget Read – January 2018

Dorothy was amazing for us! She was so easy to get along with, asked all the right questions to get the bottom of our 1 yr olds eating issues. She was still on pureed food refusing mashed and chunky foods, night waking often, reflux issues. She lead us in the right direction even after seeing three specialist who had no answers for us. Dorothy recommended an ENT specialist who found she had a rare prosterior tongue tie at the back of her throat at 16 months old. She is now booked in to have this fixed next month and it is a big life changer for us!
Amie Whitelaw – January 2018

We cannot thank Dorothy enough for helping us with our second son. From 8 weeks old he was grizzly and unhappy with reflux and a sore tummy. I asked Dorothy to come for a visit and she immediately discovered he was not latching correctly and sucking in air. We had a tongue and lip tie addressed upon her referral to a specialist and I came home with a different baby. He is now 6 months old, sleeping through the night and very contented. Thank you so much Dorothy for your advice and expertise, you are a wealth of knowledge.
Shona Brereton – January 2018

My daughter was born with toungue tie. We had such a difficult time with feeding to start off with.

Week 3 my daughter started suffering from reflux and colic. Screaming for an average of 1.5 to 3 hours after each feed. So this ment very little sleep and bad habits started. I felt at the time I needed to do whatever I could to survive. I held onto her, rocked her and carried her in my front pack.

We tried everything, colic calm, infacol, rhuger, gaviscon etc. Nothing helped our daughter with her reflux or colic.

Things started calming down with our daughters reflux and colic from week 11. However she would not go down in her bed for more then 15 to 30 minutes. I felt awful and had to go against the one thing I said I’d NEVER do. I had very bad guilt for this for a long time. But my mental health needed it and my girl needed some sort of sleep. I started co sleeping. I still had to bounce, cuddle and use a dummy to get her to sleep but once asleep I’d slowly make our way into my bed for her sleep. I’d do this for EVERY sleep. She was on me all the time.

By 5 months I was so tired, exhausted and my whole body was hurting. I didn’t get much sleep with every movement my girl made I woke up. Not to mention she still got up every 1 to 3 hrs. Usually 1 hour.

Now once again I tried everything to get her to sleep in her cot! Or I felt like I had. I tried letting my girl “cry it out” but her persistence and strength to keep screaming when she doesn’t like something WILL last for hours, not to mention the vomiting after she screamed her lungs out. She doesn’t fall asleep on her own let alone stay asleep for more then an hour or so. I had one professional come and admit defeat. That I had to do whatever I could to survive. I honestly felt helpless.

I contacted Dorothy after yet another mental breakdown. I was exhausted and I couldn’t see an end. To be honest…. I truly didn’t think I’d see the day where my girl would sleep in her cot I spent so much money on!.

With Dorothys help we looked at feeding and sleeping. Finally I had someone help me see the whole picture. I saw things that I was/wasn’t doing once we got talking. We came up with a plan on how we were going to get my girl into her bed.

I started with our plan the next day. It was tough to begin with but I saw a difference starting at day 3. This kept me going. By day 5 my girl slept in her cot with only me tapping her. I couldn’t believe it! It’s like I won lotto. My daughter actually went in her cot with minimal fuss and not only slept but fell asleep without me bouncing, rocking etc.

It’s been 1.4 weeks now and my girl goes into her cot awake. With a reassuring kiss goodnight and a gentle tap she falls asleep. No screaming!. I am still getting up to resettle through the night but the length is becoming longer and longer as she is learning to self settle. Dorothy has saved my life! I’m getting so much more sleep and my daughter is getting better quality sleep too. Mentally I truly needed a miracle and I didn’t think this would happen let alone happen within 5 days and little screaming and fuss. I am just so grateful and I regret not contacting Dorothy sooner. The last 6 months may have not been so traumatizing if I did.

Thankyou so much Dorothy. You don’t know how much this means to me.
Name withheld

Dorothy is so lovely. She is so easy to talk to, and it always felt like she had all the time we needed. She gave helpful relevant advice. When things didn’t go to the original plan she was flexible and offered alternative suggestions. She was reassuring, always making me feel like I was doing a great job as a mum and never critical. Even though I didn’t reach my end goal of baby sleeping all night (due to personal circumstances, choices and other commitments) I 100% do not regret talking to Dorothy and know that our family is in a better place because of her help. Thank you Dorothy!
Helen Watson – November 2017

My 3wk old just recently started to become very unsettled at night and take 2-4hrs sometimes for me to get her to sleep! & then she would wake every 2hrs. After 4 nights of this I decided to re-visit my book ‘You Simply Cant Spoil a Newborn” which I read prior to giving birth & sort of forgotten about. WELL. Last night I tried the settling method with swaddling, engulf hold and cupping. I only had to do it twice (2 sets of 5min) before she was asleep. Now 4hrs later she woke for her 1st night feed & im in SHOCK!! I have not slept for 4hrs since b4 I gave birth & for this feed she hasn’t cried once. I would highly recommend this book for any new Mums as it is simple methods that truly work. I can’t wait to re-read it to see what else I can pick up that can help my wee baby. Thank you Dorothy!
Katie Roggisch – October 2017

Thank you so much Dorothy you have been amazing with the support and guidance, you have given me through this tough time. Dorothy was a supportive ear as I explained the trouble I was having with my three month old son who had reflux and colic. I was struggling with five plus wakes a night and him not sleeping in his cot at all during the day. Dorothy gave me guidance in going back to basics, eg looking at my latch when feeding to help reduce vomiting which has helped greatly and also that it’s ok to hold your baby while sleeping especially when they have reflux and colic and that once we had this under control then we can look at getting my wee man back sleeping in his bed. She gave me the reassurance that I was doing all the right things and helped me to adjust a few things. With these adjustment and support from Dorothy and finally on the right medication. We were down to two-three wakes a night Can not recommend Dorothy enough, thank you again.
Amelia Baty – October 2017

We cannot thank Dorothy enough for helping us with our second son. From 8 weeks old he was grizzly and unhappy with reflux and a sore tummy. I asked Dorothy to come for a visit and she immediately discovered he was not latching correctly and sucking in air. We had a tongue and lip tie addressed upon her referral to a specialist and I came home with a different baby. He is now 6 months old, sleeping through the night and very contented. Thank you so much Dorothy for your advice and expertise, you are a wealth of knowledge.
Name withheld – October 2017

Dorothy saved our life. She is absolutely wonderful and helpful! Thank you so much!
Surya Kuhn – September 2017

Dorothy is a life changer! I got in touch with her when my son was 10 months old and waking up to 6 times a night to breastfeed! I was exhausted and was heading back to work in a few weeks so needed some advice. Dorothy put together a new routine for Leo which focused on nutrition and stopping the night feeds and within 3 days he was sleeping through the night and was drinking his goats milk during the day again! I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Dorothy.
Jade Hart – September 2017

We contacted Dorothy because we didn’t know how to move forward with our 4 month old son who needed co-sleeping and constant feeding through the night with multiple wakes and was really hard to resettle. We absolutely loved Dorothy’s approach. It was holistic, respectful and unique to our family’s concerns and ways. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. She listened to us tell our story and found a way to help us help our son get the sleep he needed through the night. Dorothy made it clear that this would not be an overnight quick fix but something that would need to take time and baby steps so that the experience was not traumatic for both the parents or baby and so that whatever changes we made would actually stick. And so it did. With her wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experiences as well as a very encouraging and nurturing manner, the advice she offered us was enough for us to see significant change within two weeks. Our son, who woke consistently every 1-3 hours through the night, now does a 6 – 8 hour initial stretch and only 1 to 2 feeds through the night. He now sleeps soundly in his cot by himself for the majority of the night. We are all better for it! I know that babies change and no doubt there may be hiccups along the way or new things to have to navigate but I will not hesitate to make contact with Dorothy again to help us through. She is really such a gem and offers parents so much reassurance and common sense advice. If you are at all unsure about whether the investment will be worth it, for us it definitely was and we would not hesitate to recommend her to parents who need loving guidance, advice or reassurance. Thank you, Dorothy! -Phil and Eunice Price (and baby Samuel)
Phillip Price – August 2017

Dorthy is AMAZING!! I went to one of her courses early on in my pregnancy, and managed to pick up a few things which really came in use later on. I also read her book several times during our newborn journey, and again it was so so helpful. When we were having trouble with sleep, allergies etc later on in my daughter’s firs year we used Dorothy’s Dial Dorothy service, as well as having a one on one session with her, and I just cant rave enough with how helpful Dorothy was, and is such a wealth of knowledge! I agree with many other people who have written reviews, and wish I had contacted Dorothy sooner! Top Notch Dorothy! Keep up the amazing work, and thank you SO much for all your help! xx
Hannah Withy – August 2017

I downloaded Dorothy’s book onto my kindle, applied the strategies she outlines in the book and we haven’t looked back! Within two weeks our 3 month old has started self settling and we can put her down a lot quicker in the middle of the night. We started settling with Dorothy’s technique in our arms then after a few days in the cot. Now we put her down and most times she finds her sleep on her own. All the other tips and tricks in her book are great as well. Thanks Dorothy!
Kirsty Tosi – August 2017

Dorothy has helped us get through a few tough periods with our son’s sleeping – at 7-9 months and most recently at 2.5 years old when he thought 10pm was an appropriate bedtime… She takes a broad approach, looking at the whole routine of the day – eating, sleeping and activity – and each time has helped us figure out a plan for making some changes to address the problem, in a way that worked for us. We will continue to use her in future I’m sure as new things come up!
Jenny Turner – July 2017

We contacted Dorothy to get help with our toddlers frequent night waking. Dorothy offered practical advice and changes we were able to implement immediately, including to her diet. Dorothy ended up helping us develop a routine for our baby that was adaptable around the needs of our other children. Thank you so much! 3 kids all sleeping through the night now!!
Kylie Thalia Matthews – June 2017

I wish we’d contacted Dorothy months ago! We got in touch with her when our daughter was 9.5 months old and still waking 2 – 3 times a night. I’d gotten into a bad habit of doing a quick breastfeed and back to bed, but being a first time Mum, I wasn’t sure how to undo the bad habits. And we’d already been down the cry it out route with not much success… Dorothy reviewed our daughter’s eating and sleeping habits and gave us some great advice around her routine, nutrition andhow to manage her nightly wake ups. Within three days our daughter was sleeping 10 – 11 hours straight (amazing!) and she’s now doing solid and consistent day time naps too. Dorothy’s practical but kind approach gave us the confidence to work within parameters that we felt comfortable with and our daughter is now thriving. It’s meant we can relax and enjoy being parents so much more. Thanks Dorothy!
Anna Salmon – June 2017

My only regret is that I didn’t contact Dorothy sooner…
We had a horrid time to start with problem after problem with breastfeeding. I went through Dr’s, numerous LC’s, Breastfeeding clinics, and Hospital admissions and no one looked at the bigger picture – until we met Dorothy.
Dorothy gave us the tools and confidence to parent – in particular with feeding and sleeping – the way we wanted to, but were too tired and emotionally exhausted to know what to do or who to turn to. It wasn’t easy, and it didnt happen overnight but it was gentle and in a way we were comfortable with. We now have guided our baby into sleeping ON HIS OWN! After 3 months of day sleeps only on us, and sleepless nights, it was like a weight was lifted – literally!
Dorothy listened, we felt respected and supported. I cannot recommend her enough!
Alice Land – June 2017

Dorothy’s knowledge, communication and approach to helping families and their babies is truly remarkable. We read her book before our daughter was born and it imparted on us exactly what we had hoped for – a loving and nurturing set of tools to help us help our baby to settle herself and get into a great sleeping and feeding routine. We enlisted Dorothy’s help further when we needed guidance with dropping naps and introducing solids, her practical approach worked perfectly and we are once again back on track with sleeping and feeding. Thanks Dorothy x
Jenna Gray – April 2017

Dorothy is an absolute legend and we would recommend her unreservedly. We contacted Dorothy when our second son was 15 weeks old and had not slept longer than 2 hours at a time (despite our best efforts). She is a wealth of knowledge, extremely empathetic and within weeks we were a much happier, well rested household. Many thanks Dorothy!!
Greg Bowker – April 2017

Dorothy is an amazing lady with such a kind heart. She has a wealth of knowledge around babies. Her book title ‘You Can’t Spoil a Newborn’ is my newborn parenting philosophy. Thanks so much Dorothy for helping our family head in the right direction of a specialist to diagnose GERD reflux. The losec is now working and I’m getting to share precious moments with my daughter which I would have missed had she not been diagnosed. If your stuck for what to do with bubs and want a caring and knowledgable baby expert then look no further than Dorothy. She will discuss your concerns with you and will give you tips and tricks to make your parenting journey easier.
Lucy Watson – March 2017

I would absolutely recommend dial Dorothy. We were having a rough time with our son’s reflux. Introducing solids and sleep were a constant challenge. Dorothy was a wealth of knowledge. It was amazing to have the support of someone who actually understands reflux. Not only did Dorothy give fantastic advice and strategies but she gave me the confidence to trust my instincts and believe in my parenting abilities. She went above and beyond the call of duty. We only wish we had sought her help sooner! Thank you Dorothy x
Larah van der Meer – February 2017

Dorothy Waide changed our lives. That is a massive statement and I don’t say it without reason. I am also not a person to write reviews; however, the help Dorothy gave us was amazing. I want to let others know about her so they know that things can and will get better if your little angel isn’t sleeping well.

Jase my husband and I did not want to let Summer our daughter cry it out for hours on end, that didn’t suit our feelings as parents. Dorothy helped us by listening to what we wanted to do and adjusting a personalised solution to fit our needs, not a cut and paste template used for everyone. She gave us little tips on how to change Summer’s room, slight changes in her food and when to place it, and different settling techniques. As we moved through different stages we adapted our program to Summer.

I made a bet with Dorothy that Summer was her match. Summer is now 13 months and sleeps through the night in her cot. At 6 months she suffered ear infections and both Jase and I were up multiple times in the night and holding her in our arms to sleep. It was exhausting and hard to carry out our business as we are self employed.
Sleep is a nutrient and I 100% agree with Dorothy on this. Helping Summer to sleep improved life for all of us.
Dorothy is a legend and loves babies and children. She knows so many things from first hand experience and I can’t wait until she does a toddler book (I am pestering her for this).

I have no direct family in New Zealand as originally I am from Canada, so having Dorothy was like having a NZ mom.
If we have another child we will be following her book You Can’t Spoil A Newborn from day 1.
5 out of 5 stars
Kim Jase and Summer – February 2017

Dorothy is full of wisdom, knowledge and experience which is exactly the kind of support every new mum needs. We were lucky enough to meet Dorothy almost 6 years ago now and she gave me the confidence in myself to be the parent I always wanted to be. Love your work, keep it up!!
Kerryn Davis – January 2017

Dorothy is kind and loving. She definitely has families and their little people front of mind. I love that she helps families when they need it and creates a community of kindness and education about our little ones. Keep up the great work
Phillipa Wallace – January 2017

Dorothy is a wealth of information. She helped me beyond measure when my now 9 yr old was a newborn with non judgemental and practical advise. Just what a mum to a hungry, bolshy infant needed. I still think of you fondly Dorothy and am so greatful you passed on the sleeping tips we all benefitted from.
Victoria Pander – January 2017

Dorothy was an absolute God send! With in three nights she had my life turned around for the better…. instead of getting up feeding my solid 8 month old boy three times a night I was sleeping, and so was he. And it was all done in a way that I could manage and emotionally cope with (none of this leaving them to cry/scream it out). Sleep is one of the most precious gifts you can give someone. Thank you Dorothy. I will always be greatful for your advice, guidance and genuine desire to want to help and see change for us.
Sara Rogers – January 2017

I first met Dorothy at a coffee group when my first was 5 weeks old and the advice you gave us then really resonated with me. The videos give you a bit of Dorothy in your home at any time of the day or night.
Dianne Sugrue – January 2017

Dorothy was a god send to us, calm advice in a sea of newborn chaos. I highly recommend to all families!
Lizz Carrington – January 2017

Dorothys Book is invaluable and her incredible support and love that she gives us is outstanding. Highly recommend both her book and services.
Natasha Carter – January 2017

Always fabulous advice! I really enjoyed your “can’t spoil a newborn” nool
Charlie Maddox – January 2017

Dorothy has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to babies. She kindly helped me with my baby boy. She not only helped with sleep related issues too, I had tried for a month to get my son on a bottle as I was back at work. Her tips and advice worked wonders with my son. After working with Dorothy I had a 6 month confidentiality taking the bottle who was napping longer and could self settle himself to sleep at night… It was awesome. I would definitely recommend Dorothy to my friends for their bubba’s.
Kristin Mesarich – January 2017

Hi Dorothy,
I’m not sure if you will remember me but my name is Teresa Curtis and you helped me with my son Kelly in 2011. I was recently in the drs waiting room when I came across an article of yours in a parenting magazine. I really just wanted to get in contact with you to let you know how much your help as a Karitane nurse has meant to me, To say you helped me is an understatement, when i meet you I was 23, I was living alone in. Recently having come out of an abusive relationship with my sons father. Feeling very overwhelmed and alone. I had no family help and I was struggling. I honestly couldn’t put into words how much you helped me. As a stranger how far out of your way you went for me. I even remember you buying my son and I groceries. Writing this nearly 6 years on I find myself getting a little emotional, you helped me more than you could ever know and I am so incredibly grateful. I am now in a happy stable relationship with a loving man, we just welcomed our first daughter into the world in august of last year, Thea. Kelly my son is doing so well in school already in year 2 now. He is a kind and loving boy and very creative, and yesterday my partner and I went to our first ultrasound for another little one due in November.

I tell you all this because when I met you I was about to give up, I didn’t think I was strong enough to look after my son, and you gave me hope that I was. Hope that I could have one day the future that I have now. I raised Kelly on my own here in wellington for nearly 4 years, I studied and I worked hard to support us. And I honestly believe that you where the catalyst in giving me hope to start me on this journey, Honestly you saved my life, I do not even want to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t met you. I don’t know how you thank a person for saving your life, but thank you.

I hope this reaches you happy and well, you truly are an amazing person and I honestly can not thank you enough.

All my love
Teresa Curtis – April 2016

Dorothy is so great! She gave us some great tips that worked for us then followed up with Skype (with plans to Skype us again next week). I wish I had emailed her months ago!
Morgan Mosley – July 2016

I took my son to see her at the OhBaby coffee group and she was amazing. Gave me heaps of new ideas to help soothe my little man and tips to deal with his reflux and colic. Would definitely recommend talking to her, she is a natural!
Kayla Crossley-Coe – July 2016

Dorothy.. thank you sooo much!!! Dorothy started helping us when our wee man was about 5-6 weeks old, suffers from reflux and sleeping was almost non-existent during the day and took so long to get him to settle at night. Dorothy taught us about settling him to sleep and most importantly gave me confidence in my ability as a mum. She is so generous with her time and patient and I cannot thank her enough, I don’t know where we would’ve been without her help as we now have a great little sleeper and very happy baby, mum and dad. Dorothy not only helped with sleeping but also starting solids, the right formula to be on for his reflux and just everything really!! I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Dorothy, you are just fantastic.
Jody McCullough – July 2016

I have been to two of Dorothy’s talks and thoroughly enjoyed her calm and gentle way and have utilised many of her tips in our day to day life.
Kymberly Widley – July 2016

Dorothy is amazing. When I contacted her I was a mum with post natal depression and anxiety, and a baby that wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on me. It was getting to breaking point. Dorothy was calm and supportive and gave us a plan that was easy to follow and got results! Her kindness and generosity went above and beyond my expectations and she truly changed our family life. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you Dorothy
Joanna Arthur – June 2016

Dear Dorothy,

Just wanted to send a little email to say a BIG THANK YOU for everything you have done for us so far.

Two months ago we had a baby that didn’t sleep during the day, woke four times a night, cried alot, and was rather unpredictable. Sadly, Jeremy often didn’t get to see her during the week as she was in bed by the time he got home from work. This meant I generally did everything with the baby all week and because she wasn’t sleeping during the day and not well at night, I got no down time. Add that to her hospital stay and recovery, and my high anxiety postnatal depression and we were definitely having a crap time.

Fast forward two months and we have a baby that grins and giggles most of the day, loves her solids, only wakes once in 13 hours at night, and has two long naps each day in her cot – often needing to be woken or she’ll sleep for more than two hours. She now goes to bed after Jeremy gets home so he gets the chance to play with her and sing her lullabies on the ukelele – something she loves. I get down time during the day, and more sleep at night and feel like a totally different person.

This is not to brag and say ‘our baby is amazing’ but just to say THANK YOU! You have changed our family’s life!

You visited us in our home and the first thing you did was listen to us. You asked and validated my husband’s opinion which many people didn’t. Dad’s often get overlooked when there’s a new baby in the house but you treated both of us as equal parents and took both of our thoughts and hopes into consideration. You spent time teaching us how to help our daughter get to sleep and stay asleep and poured out your advice so generously.

You were extremely helpful over the phone and email in the months following. You were so generous with your time and went above and beyond the package we had bought. I appreciated that you didn’t tell us what we should do and then leave us stranded if it didn’t work, but you patiently worked with us through each step, encouraged us and helped us take risks to push forward to the next stage. The first time she slept in her cot during the day for an hour and a half I jumped for joy (very quietly of course haha).

Dorothy, you are amazing. You have years of wisdom and experience that you so generously share. You don’t judge but work with us to understand where we are at and what we need. You validate our opinions and our struggles and help us find the confidence to be the parents we want to be. I can’t thank you enough. Knowing you are there when things get tough is very reassuring. I am no longer worried about the tricky times as I know you will be there with your sound advice and caring voice. I can’t rave enough about you to our friends 🙂

You have a huge heart for families and I can’t thank you enough. Because of your help and advice and the confidence you have given us, our daughter might even get a sibling one day one day haha. We are absolutely in love with her and can now see why people have more than one!

Thanks again Dorothy, lots of love, Nat x

Nat – June 2016

Dorothy was lovely to deal with. She helped us get our 20 month year old sleeping through the night by making small simple changes. She was waking for 2-3 hours every night. It was stress-free and there was no crying involved for our daughter or us! I highly highly recommend Dorothy to anyone not getting a full unbroken sleep.
From two previously sleep deprived parents. 🙂
Ginny Akers – June 2016

Dorothy, THANK YOU!!! Your guidance and advice has quite honestly made our lives seemingly normal again. The last few days we have had such a sense of order back in our lives and feel like we are in control again. A caring approach to tackling baby related issues certainly suited us best, rather than leaving our George to ‘cry it out’. It was great to be able to refer back to you when needed to discuss how things are progressing. Thank you again for your help and for the things you have lent us, which will of course be returned. Best wishes Juliana and Andy
Juliana Apire – May 2016

Where do I start…Dorothy is truly amazing! From the bottom of our heart we cannot thank her enough for all of the support she has given us and continues to give us. My husband and I met Dorothy nearly a year a go now. Our son had terrible wind and reflux and we had difficultly settling at times but more so the day sleeps were a huge challenge, it was exhausting. I suffered serious PND & PTS after quite a challenging birth and recovery emotionally and physically. Dorothy came into our house and the moment she arrived I sighed a huge relief. There was something about her presence that completely relaxed me. Dorothy not only looked at our sons sleeping habits but the whole picture and after getting such conflicting advice and support elsewhere this support she provided was just what we were looking for. Our son is now 14 months, a fantastic sleeper but I just can’t get enough of our catch ups with Dorothy! We don’t just look at sleeping habits we still look at the bigger picture, whether its solid talk, sickness advice, teething, bowel movements you name it we talk about it. She’s truly been my rock and only wish we meet at the beginning of having our son. We cannot recommend Dorothy enough! Thank you Dorothy for everything that you do!
Mandy McAlwee – May 2016

My family started working with Dorothy early on, when my daughter was roughly 4 weeks old. As a first time mum with a silent reflux baby (diagnosed by a specialist) we were all getting no sleep and starting to fall in to a black hole, lots of crying from both bubs and mum. Dorothy taught me the tools to teach my baby to self settle and resettle. Some of the changes were instant, others took a lot of time and acceptance. Some days i felt like giving up, but I persevered and am happy to say it has all paid off.
If you are having a rough time and are unsure where to go for help, definitely reach out to Dorothy you will be thankful to her later.
Kylie Colclough – April 2016

Dorothy is very supportive and reminds you that your doing a great job at being a mum!. She understands that each person has their own way of parenting and comfort levels with settling their babies. It was essential the bond I have with my daughter was not compromised and that we found solutions that worked for our busy lifestyle. Being a first time mum and the amount I have learned around techniques for feeding and sleeping has been invaluable. Thanks Dorothy!
Thandi Tipene – April 2016

Dorothy is amazing. She has completely changed our lives and who we are as parents. We employed Dorothy when our daughter was 5 months old, she wouldn’t take naps in her cot and slept for 5-7 hours per night. Through her routine and plan, talking to us about how we manage and parent and being available to ask any question we wanted our daughter now has naps in her cot and we all get much more sleep. Miss is so much happier and we are happier and better parents. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Dorothy, thank you so much for all your help! If anyone is having sleep issues with their baby I would highly recommend contacting Dorothy. She is understanding and not judgemental. My only regret is that we didn’t talk to her sooner.
Lycinda Lett – April 2016

Oh my gosh, where do I even start? WE LOVE DOROTHY!! She has been TRULY amazing for my baby, my partner & myself, her holistic approach looks at the whole picture including the mum rather than just the baby & as a first time mum & sufferer of post natal depression Dorothy’s help couldn’t have come along at a better time.
I was really struggling in a number of areas & desperately needed some good sound advice & support & I 100% got it from the get-go with Dorothy! Not only was she completely generous with her knowledge & advice she was also very supportive & understanding of me & my situation & never once made me feel like ‘another day another baby’.

When she came to see us at home we felt comfortable with her instantly, we were able to have a good chat & a laugh & ask countless questions. After that, every phone & email conversation felt like communicating with someone I had known for years & no question has been too big or small & she never made me feel silly or like I had failed in any way for not automatically knowing what to do.
Her recommendations have been so helpful – everything from eating, sleeping, settling & teething to sippy cups, nappies & even snot suckers! Dorothy is not just a baby sleep consultant, but a complete support system, which as a new parent or any parent, I firmly believe is of the utmost importance & I would highly recommend her to ANYONE, anywhere.
Thank you so much Dorothy, you fairy godmother you, for giving me the tools & the confidence to be the best mum I can be for my little girl & for helping me to enjoy my baby so much more than I ever would have if you & I hadn’t found each other.
Marie xx
Marie Anderson – April 2016

Dorothy is an angel! We called Dorothy to come and help us when after almost 8 months our twins were not sleeping through the night and were seldom sleeping more than 40 minutes at nap times. Needless to say we were a very overtired and grumpy family! Dorothy gave us the tools we needed to make gentle, positive changes to our babies feeding and sleeping routine and the support we needed to believe in ourselves as parents. With Dorothy’s continued help and support, within a few weeks our babies were sleeping soundly for 12 hours overnight and having good 1.5-2 hour naps twice a day! This has made a huge impact on our lives as we’re all so much happier, more rested and relaxed. Thank you Dorothy for being down to earth, having a good laugh with us and for the huge impact you’ve had on our lives. Thank you for being a fountain of knowledge and for being so generous with sending sippy cups!! Oscar and Ruby LOVE their NUK First Choice Training Bottles.. It’s the only bottle that they will drink from – and gives us a little freedom to leave them with their grandparents over feed times.
Laura Lynch – April 2016

Thanks Dorothy! The day with you yesterday was fantastic! I learned a lot – things to try and things to avoid. And next baby will be a lot different than this one how I approach sleep. I also like the bits from the left abs right styles approach.
Nikki Wanden – April 2016

Dorothy is amazing! She help us immensely with our twins – we had them sleeping through the night within two nights! She gave us personalised advice and routines that worked for our family but what was most valuable to me was her ongoing support and calming, reassuring manner. No matter what my question or worry was, Dorothy was there to chat it through with me, and after talking with her I always felt happy and more confident.
Thanks Dorothy!
Veronica Copestake – April 2016

Oh Dorothy I can’t thank you enough. You have improved our lives so much. It had taken us nearly a year to try and toilet train my son then after a few weeks of your sensible and helpful advice he was toilet trained, eats better and is nicer to his baby brother. Thank you, thank you, thank you. x
Lisa Clayton – April 2016

Dorothy – your book is fantastic! I honestly do not know what we would have done without it. Thank you so much for writing a practical, informative and easy to follow guide for the first three months. Now can you just write one for beyond three months? 😉 Thanks again.
Caroline Swallow – March 2016

Big thank you Dorothy. My little girls sleep issues aren’t 100% solved, but after some very logical and practical advice on diet, bedtime routine and bedroom environment the improvement was instant. Our daughter now sleeps through most nights. We are still working on getting her to sleep without us in the room, but not having to get up multiple times in the night is brilliant.
Davinia Field – March 2016

Thank you so much Dorothy for all of your support and advise!! You really go the extra mile. Highly recommend Dorothy as she’s got such a large amount of diverse knowledge and experience which to me was important! She’s a total lifesaver!!
Sarah Collins – March 2016

Lots of fantastic tips and tricks at our Oh Baby coffee group session today with Dorothy Waide!
Thoroughly enjoyed it. Using the snow angel swaddle now – worked a treat
Kate Wanden – February 2016

Dorothy sorry this is so late…we’ve been too busy having a much happier child who actually sleeps! Just wanted to ensure I sent you a very belated but very big thank you for all your help all those months ago. You were patient and worked with us so well. You didn’t just support our boys wellness and meet his needs, but you focused on me as a mother, and R as a father and us in our new role as parents – giving us the support and encouragement we so desperately needed while we floundered through everything. Just thanks. You are a great woman and honest and real and great to work with – and had the right amount of soft and understanding when needed. Thanks and no doubt we will contact you in the future… x
Hannah Wilson – February 2016

I can’t recommend Dorothy Waide enough!
We have had huge success with our 16 month old girl who would wake at least twice a night (on a good night) and had never, ever slept through the night… Ever. I felt like I couldn’t resettle her without breast feeding, it was too tough and no re-settling techniques that I had tried really worked for us. I just felt like I was fighting with her in the middle of the night.
Now it’s like having a different child!!! Dorothy was very realistic said it could take 10 days to see a dim light at the end of the tunnel… Well, we couldn’t believe it when our lovely rascal slept through (the whole entire night) on the 4th night of our new and improved routine.

Since speaking with to Dorothy 3 weeks ago, our wee girl now has the skills to resettle herself if she wakes in the night (which is now very rare). I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my bed anymore to help her!
The first couple of nights were a little challenging but definitely manageable with the motivation Dorothy gave me to parent our daughter through these changes. What I loved about Dorothy’s techniques was that I didn’t have to leave my wee girl crying all alone.
The resettling techniques and diet advice we were given work fantastically for my daughter.
On behalf of both myself and my husband, thank you, you are the best fairy godmother any family could hope for.
Chloé Bodger – February 2016

Saw Dorothy on Good Morning one morning after a tough night with my baby. Bought her book and studied it! Then the work started… dedication in helping my baby find sleep. Settling and resetting!
I organized a coffee group session with some of my Antenatal group and just loved Dorothy. She is so warm and kind. She has so much knowledge and wants to share it!
He is a great little sleeper now and such a happy baby!
Thank you Dorothy.
Marlé Kuhn – February 2016

Dorothy was a life saver for our family – our baby was waking 8 times a night and I left it for a few months before I rang Dorothy thinking that I was a failure because I couldn’t work it out myself. Don’t leave it! Within 2 days she was only waking once a night and within a couple of weeks she slept right through. And the most important thing for me was that Dorothy came up with ways I was comfortable with, rather than a one size fits all approach. She has helped me through all sorts of things other than sleeping, like weaning and change of day sleeps as we don’t have any parents around to help. I couldn’t recommend Dorothy enough – she is so supportive and amazing. Thanks so much for my sleep and sanity back Dorothy!
Beth Jenkinson – January 2016

Our little girl Amali suffered from reflux and was getting little to no sleep during the day. After reaching out to a number of professionals (with no improvement) my sister recommended Dorothy who had helped her, with her little girl. When I made the initial call Dorothy immediately put me at ease and was willing to provide me with support straight away. After our first discussion we arranged a time to talk further and have never looked back since. Unbeknown to Dorothy she is now affectionately referred to as Aunty Dot in our household. A big thank you from the Swanepoels!!!!
Callè Swanepoel – January 2016

My husband and I contacted Dorothy after going through a really tough stage with our baby (8 months old) who was on a good night waking 4 times and on a bad night waking 12 times. Dorothy came to our house and talked about everything with us and then sent us loads of information on everything from routine to food. She tweaked our routine and within a week of her visit our baby was going to bed awake and going to sleep by herself. We didn’t have to do the awful crying to sleepetc. It all just progressed so easily and now our little girl sleeps all night and she goes to bed for naps and evening bed time so easily even my husband can put her to bed now whereas before Dorothy i was having to feed her to sleep for each nap/bed time.
She has helped us so much and i honestly can’t recommend her more. Dorothy you are so easy to talk to and the help you gave us made life as a mum and dad so much easier! Thank you
Joanna Hughes – November 2015

Hello Dorothy Waide, I would like to say I love your book you can’t spoil a new born, it is great and I have been recommending it to every soon to be mum with ears. I am enjoying your posts on your Facebook page. Thank you so much for all your advice, other than the breastfeeding, I have no issues yet with my gorgeous wee girl, I do think it is largely to do with reading your book and all your advice and techniques. So Thank you again. Kind Regards
Danielle Bosch – November 2015

The most valuable gift Dorothy gave was that she taught us was to be confident parents. Our twins were born 8 weeks premature meaning my partner and I hadn’t even thought of antenatal classes or something similar before we were thrown into parenthood. Her approach to settling to sleep was one that I felt comfortable with and was a good balance of teaching our babies to fall asleep on their own but in a nurturing way. Whilst it might have felt tough at times, I continued with her advice and now have twins that not only sleep through each others noise, through the night for sometime now but are fantastic sleepers in general which in turn makes us more relaxed and happy parents. We are often complimented on our ‘laid back’ babies. She not only offers fantastic sleeping advice but in areas of ones routine that is realistic and offers practical tips that are easy to work towards. I appreciate the way she evaluates your situation as a whole as sleep, meals and daily routine all have a flow on affect from each other. Dorothy also has some very educated advice when it comes to nutrition for our babies if you need help with this. We appreciate her time as she is a kind, trustworthy and approachable person and we will continue to ask for her help as we work through this tiring but awesome journey as parents of multiples.
Alisha Colling – November 2015

Working with Dorothy gave me the confidence to do what I thought maybe I should do but just wasn’t certain that it would work or be worth it…..and she gave me the accountability to stick to the changes we made!
Dr Danielle Eaton – November 2015

My husband and I contacted Dorothy after going through a really tough stage with our baby (8 months old) who was on a good night waking 4 times and on a bad night waking 12 times. Dorothy came to our house and talked about everything with us and then sent us loads of information on everything from routine to food. She tweaked our routine and within a week of her visit our baby was going to bed awake and going to sleep by herself. We didn’t have to do the awful crying to sleep etc. It all just progressed so easily and now our little girl sleeps all night and she goes to bed for naps and evening bed time so easily even my husband can put her to bed now whereas before Dorothy i was having to feed her to sleep for each nap/bed time.
She has helped us so much and i honestly can’t recommend her more. Dorothy you are so easy to talk to and the help you gave us made life as a mum and dad so much easier! Thank you
Joanna Hughes – November 2015

We got in touch with Dorothy when we needed help with our 9 month olds sleep regression. Dorothy was amazing. Practical, caring and totally tailored her advice to fit our needs and values. She provided massive support and we had instant results which restored sleep in our house. Not to mention a whole lot of other help and advice I didn’t even know I needed. I will not hesitate to contact her again if we hit another hurdle we can’t jump on our own
Crystal Orr – November 2015

I emailed Dorothy after getting some confusing and poor advice from a sleep consultant agency, she replied straight away and offered to call me straight away. From that day on Dorothy has been an angel for me and my baby! My baby is a silent reflux baby which Dorothy took into account and really personalized any information I needed, she always made sure she we were doing ok and was never too busy for us despite being extremely busy! Because my baby was reflux it took her a wee while to learn how to sleep but persistence and consistency was the key with Dorothy’s ongoing support! I recently met up with a psychologist friend of mine I hadn’t seen for a while and she noted what a strong secure attachment my baby had meaning her coping skills to know that I will always come back if I leave her with someone else are strong and secure and I whole heartedly believe this is due to the nurturing approach that Dorothy emphasizes!! This approach will ensure strong secure relationships and good social skills in the future! Dorothy’s approach is more than about sleep it’s about creating a strong positive emotional backbone for life for baby’s!! I also highly recommend her book !! I wish I had read this before my baby was born it is absolute gold!! I can’t recommend Dorothy enough!!
Maia Jackman – October 2015

Happy to recommend Dorothy. My first child didn’t start sleeping through the night till 2 years and I was very keen for number two to have better sleeping habits from the start. Just having a few chats with Dorothy as bub was 2 months to 4 months was helpful for me, helped me to feel confident that I’ve been doing the right things, or tweaking what I had been doing. Thank you.
Diana Meek – October 2015

I recently met Dorothy at the Baby and Child Show in Dunedin. She is an amazing, knowledgeable, experienced and nurturing woman. I spent a short time with her and in that time felt reassured and hopeful. I highly recommend her book and also the video tutorials. The video tutorials provided me with essential information in a concise manner, meaning I could easily watch them on the laptop whilst tending to my newborn baby. I learn visually so the videos were perfect for me. Dorothy has provided me with the tools and knowledge to nurture and settle my very unsettled newborn. Thank you Dorothy…..I will never forget your kindness and generosity. Everyone new parent should own your book and video tutorials.
Amanda Lobb – October 2015

Honestly, Dorothy is a angel!
I was so deprived of sleep and I had tried everything under the sun to get my boy to sleep. Then I came across Dorothy. I seriously wish I had of heard about her before we had bub then I could have been prepared and got him in a routine sooner.
And the Dorothy Drops, AMAZING! need to get some more soon but life is looking up, I’m getting more seep baby’s getting more sleep, one happy family.
Aimee Squire – October 2015

We struggled for way too long with one of our twin girls waking 6-8 times a night. Dorothy guided us through changing routines, meals and just general stuff. Within six weeks we had twins that slept from 7-7. But Dorothy’s help didn’t stop there, she rang regularly while my husband was deployed with the military just to check that everything was alright. She was wonderful!!
Nikki Fox – October 2015

Dorothy was incredible! She really tailors her advice to your parenting style. Our baby girl only fell asleep in our arms, with a dummy, and us rocking her and would wake all night. Within a few weeks we had her sleeping through the night and having two 2-hr sleeps during the day. She’s 5 months now and loves her sleep now in her own cot. No CIO methods were used and it was a very gentle approach as I couldn’t stand listening to my baby cry. Can’t recommend enough.
Fiona Sylvestre – October 2015

Thank you Dorothy for all your help! Any parents considering asking for help shouldn’t even give it a second thought, just do it now. I was very worried about starting work as my son refused to take a bottle, that along with frequent night waking eventually got me to breaking point even with the most supportive husband being a hands on dad.
Dorothy helped my husband and I with tips and nurturing techniques were he now sleeps through most nights. She also gave us a lot of useful advise on his nutrition, getting him on a bottle and solids which took away a lot of stress about how he was going to cope at daycare.
With her guidance Adam is a happy settled boy even at daycare which made the thought of having to go back to work a lot less stressful.
Beverley Cardozo – September 2015

We called Dorothy when our little girl was 12 weeks old. She wouldn’t sleep during the day unless she was on me and, then only 45 mins. Although she slept better at night, it was taking a long time to get her to settle with her often screaming herself exhausted. We had people saying to just let her cry it out and that she was manipulating us.
Dorothy was such a revelation with her nurturing style. It took time to work, but we could tell within the first couple of days that progress was being made. Most importantly for me, I went from feeling inadequate and stressed to being confident that I knew what to do as a mum. We now have a daughter who settles and sleeps well and a very happy household.
I would thoroughly recommend Dorothy.
Amanda McCormick – September 2015

Dorothy was a god send for us as first time parents and sought her help with our baby when he was around 8 weeks old. We found Dorothy to be really responsive, not a clock watcher and gave us confidence and practical advice. Her no-nonsense, personal, and practical approach worked really well for us, and discussing our questions with her over email, Skype, in person or by phone was always fun and a bit of a laugh which, when you are doubting your abilities as a new mum was refreshing! We have already recommended Dorothy to other friends who I know have found her to be totally professional and super helpful. We won’t hesitate to reach out for her help again when we need it.
Sheridan Lang – September 2015

We were reluctant to go down the sleep consultant path because gentle parenting is a huge part of the way we parent. I became quite desperate though after being woken every hour or so for months. While working with Dorothy we were still able to hold onto gentle parenting and be there to nurture our 11 month old whenever she needed us.
Dorothy never seemed to be looking at the clock when talking with us and her advice fitted around our family and our values. She didn’t tell me to stop co-sleeping and didn’t position herself as the expert. After such a struggle with self settling it is so nice to now wake in the night to the sound of our girl gooing and gahing then falling back asleep. Dorothy is warm, passionate about her job and gave us advice that worked.
Briar Ashley – September 2015

As a Dad Dorothy has been great to help mum and me understand where our twin girls are at, Dorothy helped us with sleeping in the early days and has been a go to person over time. I’ll always ask my mum a question or 3 but Dorothy has been a person that my Wife will talk to for balanced advice. Thanks for all the help Dorothy ! Thanks
Brendon Ford – September 2015

Thank you so much for your time and your wisdom. You are a very special person and I won’t forget the fact that you took time to help me. Your book has been a blessing to my husband and I. We were at war with each other as to how we care for our baby but your book has brought us together. Thank you!!!
Peri St. John-Ives – August 2015

Thank you so much Dorothy, I contacted you in April when I realised that I was having to feed my little one to sleep and she wouldn’t go down any other way or for any other person, and I knew I couldn’t go back to work even part time with such broken sleep. You were so reassuring and inspired such confidence during our conversations, and that carried over into the long hours working towards having my wee girl fall asleep and stay asleep, for her dad and her grandmother, in her own bed, instead of just on me 🙂 We’re just beginning August now and after weeks of plugging away, suddenly our girl has been falling asleep in her cot consistently for just over a week, sleeping 4 hours stretches over night and settling with her dad, her grandmother and for her daycare ladies! We not be out of the woods yet but I think we’re seeing light Thanks so very much for your help, advice and moral support.
Serena Haines — August 2015

Hi Dorothy! I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for coming up to Whangarei yesterday for the OhBaby! Coffee Catchup. It was just the shot-in-the-arm, boost to morale I needed after my nearly 6 month old fell off the sleep wagon after getting sick a couple of weeks back! I was really disappointed I didn’t get a signed copy of your book, but I had to get to another engagement! I would definitely like to purchase one as through each of my babies early lives, your advice has been invaluable. Thank you so much!
Kate McGrath – July 2015

Dorothy, your expertise and advice is priceless! We really appreciate all your support with sleep and breastfeeding and have a gorgeous, happy, healthy wee man and happy Mum & Dad as a result. Thank you! We highly recommend your services to everyone.
Sarah McAllan — July 2015

This is a late review but better late then never. We had the pleasure of having numerous home consultations with Dorothy. She has so much knowledge and experience with babies. She is very professional yet builds a rapport and makes you feel at ease during a stressful time. She empowers and reassures you to be the best caretaker/mum/ dad and does not judge your values, culture or ethnicity. Working with Dorothy was a pleasure and she is part of our journey with having our first baby. The tools she gave us and the knowledge we gained are invaluable and we will keep forever. Dorothy was available to us via txt/ and email so we felt like we could ask her anything which was very convenient.
Azmina Bhamji Abba — July 2015

Thank you Dorothy Waide Baby Sleep Consultant – Baby Help for a wonderful coffee group catch up at Manukau this morning. I picked up lots of new tips, which I can not wait to implement…roll on this evening! You are such a wealth of knowledge!
Sonia Coupe – June 2015

My son Martin was around 10 weeks when I talked to Dorothy.
I was at my wits end as Martin was suffering from bad wind and Martin, crying non-stop and was unable to burp or fart. Infacol had been working since five weeks but seemed to have stopped. The only way to get him to sleep was to hold him upright which was exhausting day after day.
I was feeling like a failure as a mum, and had no idea what I was doing, and felt ashamed to find help. I had been to one of Dorothy’s coffee sessions and found her gentle “nurture” perspective great. She provided me with tools and a framework including, awake times, burping techniques, settling and resettling, looking at my diet, looking at treatments such as osteopathy and her Dorothy drops, which really empowered me to find my confidence in being a mum.
Her advice was practical and encouraging and I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Martin is a completely different baby now, being able to pass wind better, going to sleep by himself and began sleeping through the night at 12 weeks. I’m so thankful to her for encouraging and equipping me to be a better mum for martin without feeling pressured.
When I have any questions about Martin at all I will not hesitate to use Dorothy again.
Koreen Liew-Young — June 2015

A big thank you to Dorothy for giving me some easy steps to break the feeding to sleep cycle with our 11 month old. We had got into bad habits and he was waking at least every 2 hours. Dorothy’s advice gave me the determination to sort his sleeping along with the verbal reassurance method which I felt would work best for our son. Within 3 days he could self settle and was sleeping much longer stretches. He is much easier to put down at night, is eating better and wakes up happier! Thank you very much!
Bridgit Crosbie — June 2015

Any family who is considering using a sleep consultant should not hesitate to talk to Dorothy. As a lot of the other reviewers have said, she has saved my sanity and I cannot thank her enough. A gentle approach was important to me and that is exactly what Dorothy does. She has so much knowledge about babies she is able to look at the big picture, taking into account diet, routine, behaviour and the whole family not just one aspect. Dorothy warned us that it takes time to change patterns of behaviour, especially as our daughter is almost 18 months old. The reality for us was that there was an immediate improvement, our daughter slept through the night that night and had only done this about 4 times in her whole life! We have had a few hiccups along the way and it hasn’t been like waving a magic wand but it was a lot easier than I expected and Dorothy was there every step of the way with her kind words and no nonsense approach. I wish that we had done this sooner, we are like a different family in the space of a few weeks. Thanks again Dorothy, you are a star!
Katherine Higginson — June 2015

Words can’t even describe how fabulous Dorothy is, I was in a terrible place with everything in fact. I tried everything and I mean everything. Let’s just say after my consult with Dorothy my world has changed, we are still a work in progress but I have had 5 out of 7 nights sleep when before I was up every half hour through the night and just wouldn’t settle. Dorothy you are amazing.
Brooke Goyen — June 2015

I have gone to two Oh Baby catch ups with Dorothy and she is amazing! She has the experience to back up her teachings and I have found her advice invaluable. Most of all she taught me that I am my babes best expert. Thanks Dorothy!
Alexandra Anna – June 2015

Dear Dorothy,
I am writing from the comfort of my bed. It’s 6.02am here in Cairo and I have spent the last NINE plus hours peacefully slumbering. Zephyr, who will be one next week, is clocking in at eleven hours so far and is due to wake any second. Bliss, absolute bliss!
Thank you so much for the support you have provided Nick and I since we reached out to you from across the other side of the globe last kiwi winter.
We really thought we had this parenting thing sussed,Zephyr being our third baby… boy were we wrong! We soon realised that we were one trick ponies and, with Zephyr’s high arched palate, our go to of sticking the dummy in and rocking for a bit was not working! Cue the universe sending us a well timed OhBaby article, which popped up on my Facebook feed, about this amazing person known by the magical title of Baby Whisperer!
Parenting away from our home culture, families, and friends can be lonely at times. We hoped that you would be able to help us from so far away and were relieved that it was no big deal thanks to Skype. Thanks for quickly making time for us, getting us back on track when we admitted we hadn’t followed your advice and were at breaking point, and loving, coaching, and nurturing us as parents thus giving us the confidence and strength to nurture our children with the gift of sleep. You were always available to us at short notice despite our night being your day and vice versa. Your email follow ups were great for reminding ourselves to stop and take a breath and reflect on progress being made and questions needing answering. The personalised routine you developed for Zephyr was perfect and something we wouldn’t have come up with on our own. Mostly, we appreciated your gentle encouragement. We are used to being proactive and managing all sorts of complex situations in our work lives, but as parents our working parent guilt and fears were at the forefront of our decision making. Being sleep deprived was making us leading us to make quick fix decisions rather than long term changes. You gave us the confidence to make little changes over time and this led to big changes for our family. Nick and I now look at each other with wry smiles and realise that, had we been in contact with you when our first baby was born, we could have been sleeping through the night five years ago!
With love and gratitude,
Nick and Charlie, Zephyr, Calypso and Océane
Charlie Maddox – May 2015

When I first became a mum I knew I was in for a few months of sleep interrupted nights. What I didn’t count on was a baby that during the day would have 2 10min power naps and wake 5 times a night, but I pushed through. Then our son after 7 months of this, got very sick, he would vomit 10+ times a day, this meant no CIO methods, or he would vomit, his weight dropped a scary 2kg in just as many weeks, and when you are less than 10kg to start with this is a lot.
So we got in the bad habit of cuddling him to sleep and transferring him to bed later on. 18 months we survived like this, then we discovered we were pregnant again. I knew then we had to break these bad habits, and fast. When our second son was born, although our first would go to sleep by himself now, he would still wake at least once a night (2.5 years old).
Thankfully our new baby slept for 3x 1 hour stretches during the day, however his night sleep was appalling. He would wake anywhere from every 30-90min. After 3 months of sleep torture, I got in contact with Dorothy. She has worked her magic, and I am happy to say I now get a bit of a breather over night. Our son is now 6 months old and although he isn’t sleeping through yet, he only wakes 1-2 times a night, which for me is heaven. With her amazing non-CIO methods i feel a lot more comfortable and content with my parenting when it comes to sleep times.
Now I have 2 kids that get the sleep they need, including day naps, and I get a decent night sleep. We have just moved our baby into his own room, and I am looking forward to the next stage of pushing his night sleeps out further. Thank you Dorothy for assisting me in finding a solution that worked for our family without the fear of letting my child scream our house down.
Dorothy you are truly a god send. Words cannot express how much our family has appreciated your advice.
Michyla Corban – May 2015

Dorothy has been such a huge help with both of my babies, we cannot thank her enough! Her advice is sensible, practical and definitely manageable on a day to day basis. After 7 months of battling to get my first born to sleep for longer than 40 minutes at a time during the day, with Dorothy’s help, I had him sleeping 2-3 hours at a stretch during the day within a week, and through the night within one night! My second baby had terrible reflux, and once that was under control, she had fallen into bad sleeping habits and was unable to settle herself off to sleep or resettle. Dorothy’s settling techniques were kind to my little one, who was used to being rocked and sushed to asleep upright in my arms. Instead of leaving her in her cot to settle (which was totally foreign to her), I used Dororthy’s settling in arms technique, which worked wonderfully, and allowed her to transition gently to settling herself off to sleep in the cot. We have reinstituted it with any flare ups of her reflux, and it has worked wonders. We now have a happy and contented little girl, who falls asleep in her cot, in her room, on her own, within a couple of minutes of being putting in her cot, and is learning to resettle herself during her day sleeps. It is magic! I would highly recommend Dorothy to ANYONE struggling to get their baby to sleep, and anyone expecting their first child – her techniques for settling from birth would be invaluable to know before any new arrival.
Alison Chandler – May 2015

Well it’s only taken me 2 ½ years to write this!! What an amazing lady Dorothy Waide is. We have twin girls and started using Dorothy when the girls were 9 months as we had many late nights due to the twins not settling for their nightly sleep.
My first conversation I had with Dorothy, Dorothy asked what time the girls were going to sleep and at that stage the girls weren’t going to sleep until 9/10pm! Dorothy’s reply was – “when do you and your husband get time to spend with each other?” Followed by “Right, firstly we need to get you and your husband spending more time together and then sort those girls out!”
I loved that Dorothy thought not only about how to remedy our babies sleeping habit but it was also important to ensure my husband and I were spending time together. What impressed us about Dorothy is that she doesn’t immediately decide how to resolve the issue at hand, Dorothy takes into account all aspects of what is happening in the child’s/children’s little life and makes an assessment based on what you tell her. We never felt that Dorothy judged how we were parenting our twins and rather than telling us our system/s was incorrect worked with us to improve them. We have used Dorothy on four occasions and have had Skype sessions whilst overseas.
We talk about and recommend Dorothy whenever the opportunity arises and one thing my husband always mentions is he felt Dorothy took time out to speak with him which he appreciated as on most occasions the dad gets left out of these situations and the focus is on mum and baby/babies.
Many thanks Dorothy and you are forever on speed dial in our phones!
Trudy & Brendon Ford – May 2015

Our household is incredibly thankful for Dorothy. Our little boy (who was a brilliant sleeper) became very unwell after his 6 week Rotavirus vaccine. What followed was 6 weeks of severe stomach cramping. This was the beginning of the rocking and feeding to sleep, which became a hard habit to break. I reached out to Dorothy after reading countless books and consulting another sleep consultant, who’s methods ultimately caused more stress for me and my little one. Dorothy’s realistic and compassionate approach to change gave us the confidence that things would change, but it would take time. Every day things get better and I am confident with how to approach issues as they arise. I would recommend Dorothy to anyone who needs some support. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and for us it has allowed us to enjoy our gorgeous wee boy even more.
Anne Boothroyd – April 2015

I was sleep deprived and beside myself with worrying about my baby girls lack of sleep, when Dorothy came in and gave me great advice. What I was most grateful for was that her advice was practical – and that she suggested a gentle approach to encourage sleep. I am so grateful and frequently tell people it was the best money we ever spent! Have recommended her to everyone I know and will continue to do so.
Angela Webb – April 2015

After three months of struggling with a refluxy baby, we contacted Dorothy to help us get our little man to learn how to sleep in his cot, self-settle, and sleep longer at night. During his first three months he spent most of his daytime sleeps upright in out arms due to his reflux, and at night rarely slept for longer than 2-3 hours at a time. My wife was frequently up feeding 4-5 times a night, and was exhausted. We knew we needed help.
We had an initial Skype consultation with Dorothy, followed by a month of support via email and a couple of additional Skype calls. Her nurturing approach, advice and techniques have completely transformed his sleeping patterns. We now have a more settled and happy baby, we are more productive during the day, and we all sleep for longer at night.
Dorothy’s approach is simple and easy to follow, and adapts as your baby progresses. You do need to put in hard work to establish improvements, and understand that you may not see these instantly. But Dorothy was always available supporting us and answering any questions we had. Our baby’s day time sleeping improved simply by applying Dorothy’s techniques, going from random cat-naps to longer, structured sleep. It also reduced the stress levels at home as he wasn’t constantly unhappy and tired. At night he is now regularly sleeping for 5-6 hours at a time, is much easier to resettle, and has even slept through the night twice. We have a transformed baby who actually has a routine which he is thriving on.
If you are struggling with your baby’s sleeping habits (or lack of) then we cannot recommend Dorothy highly enough.
Iain McGowan – April 2015

We chose the consultation plus dial Dorothy package. Dorothy phoned me within a couple of days and set me up with a routine, and then followed it up with regular emails. Her visit with us was 2 weeks later which was perfect as I’d had a really good base set up to work from and the consult was fine tuning and also bringing my husband up to date with what was happening and helping him. I think we have been following Dorothy’s advice for 4 weeks now and it has made such a difference. Our 7 month old has gone from never settling in her cot without feeding to sleep (then waking a few minutes or 45mins later, even overnight), cat napping, needing rocking to sleep… to sleeping solidly for 1.5 hours morning and afternoon, and one or two wake ups a night (sometimes more, but it used to be HOURLY overnight).
Dorothy doesn’t lie to you, there are no quick fixes but she really supports you all the way and emails to see how you are doing if she hasn’t heard from you for a few days.
You have to be ready to persevere, but it is worth it, and I really didn’t believe it would work for our baby. Her methods are gentle and supportive of positive attachments without being too airy fairy. Thanks so much Dorothy, I wish I had asked for help sooner.
Margaret Roberts – March 2015

Thank you Dorothy for your amazing baby wisdom, generosity and kindness.
From eight weeks to six months old our little boy was waking constantly throughout the night – most nights every hour – struggling to settle for naps and bedtime, and catnapping for just 45 mins at a time during the day. We tried everything – all the ‘tricks in the book’ – as well as sleep consultants on two different occasions.
In a moment of desperation I reached out to Dorothy for help. She responded to me straight away with a comprehensive email with a suggested routine for our boy as well as some advice on settling and resettling. A few days later we skyped and she talked us through her plan – from getting his feeding schedule right to teaching him how to self settle and link his sleep cycles. She has a very gentle approach…she gave us techniques that would help us gradually teach him to fall asleep and resettle on his own. There was very little crying and if he was crying I was always there holding him in my arms or just resting a hand on him for reassurance.
Within five days we started to see some great progress – he had settled himself to sleep without my help on a few occasions, he was waking just 1-3 times a night and we had gotten rid of the dummy which he had relied on to fall asleep since he was a newborn.
We still have plenty of work to do on resettling but we are finally moving in the right direction. We have a much happier little boy who settles to sleep easily most of the time and is a great eater. The big horrible grey cloud of sleep deprivation which has been hanging over our heads each day is finally beginning to lift.
Dorothy is a blessing! She offers positivity and encouragement at every step and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any parents desperate for a little bit of sleep.
Zara Coleman – March 2015

After three months of struggling with a refluxy baby, we contacted Dorothy to help us get our little man to learn how to sleep in his cot, self-settle, and sleep longer at night. During his first three months he spent most of his daytime sleeps upright in out arms due to his reflux, and at night rarely slept for longer than 2-3 hours at a time. My wife was frequently up feeding 4-5 times a night, and was exhausted. We knew we needed help.
We had an initial Skype consultation with Dorothy, followed by a month of support via email and a couple of additional Skype calls. Her nurturing approach, advice and techniques have completely transformed his sleeping patterns. We now have a more settled and happy baby, we are more productive during the day, and we all sleep for longer at night.
Dorothy’s approach is simple and easy to follow, and adapts as your baby progresses. You do need to put in hard work to establish improvements, and understand that you may not see these instantly. But Dorothy was always available supporting us and answering any questions we had. Our baby’s day time sleeping improved simply by applying Dorothy’s techniques, going from random cat-naps to longer, structured sleep. It also reduced the stress levels at home as he wasn’t constantly unhappy and tired. At night he is now regularly sleeping for 5-6 hours at a time, is much easier to resettle, and has even slept through the night twice. We have a transformed baby who actually has a routine which he is thriving on.
If you are struggling with your baby’s sleeping habits (or lack of) then we cannot recommend Dorothy highly enough.
Iain McGowan – March 2015

Dorothy is a miracle, she is the best, every single tip works for us. My twin girls are super easy babies because I used all the techniques I’ve learned with Dorothy since birth.
Thank you for being such a great person.
Much love from me, Grant, Ruby and Olivia xxx
Claudia Pereira — February 2015

I can not recommend Dorothy highly enough. My 19 month old daughter was still being breastfeed to sleep and Dorothy helped us change this habit. This was my second baby and had very different sleep personality to my first. I found myself out of my depth with her and had found myself breastfeeding her to sleep for her naps and as soon as I transferred her to her cot she would wake up. So I resortedto holding her for her mid-day nap! I really and to make a change and Dorothy guided me through this change with her calm and re-assuring manner.

After a long discussion we worked out a plan and within 4 weeks my daughter was settling herself in her cot. Dorothy was always at the end of the phone, and i mean always! I called her on Christmas eve and texted her on Christmas day and she talked me through difficult situations in her loving manner. She re-assured me that things would change but I would need to be patient.
I have used ‘sleep trainers’ before with little success, but what I love most about Dorothy is her compassion and flexibility. I didn’t feel like I had to follow one set of rules, she adjusted her advice to how my daughter and I responded to different situations. She also reminded me that it’s tough breaking habit for an adult, and even harder for a baby, and to approach this change full of compassion and understanding for my daughter.
She’s also extremely realistic and when I would lament ‘but she did this yesterday why not today?’ she reminded me that changes take time and that we all change our behaviour day to day, even babies.
We just recently emigrated to a new country and again my daughter became unsettled with all the changes but using Dorothy’s gentle techniques I solved the nap problem again, and each time I got frustrated I remember that change takes time and it will get better!
Dorothy’s methods work for both parents and babies, I would recommend Dorothy again and again, not just for sleep issues but for anything baby related problem that is causing you stress.
Andrea Bennett — February 2015

Sleep. Prior to the birth, you take it for granted. It’s in the same category as air and sunlight. It’s just there. If you burn the candle at both ends and get a bit sleep deprived, you just sleep in until mid-day in order to catch up. After three months with a crying baby, you begin thinking that 8 hours of unbroken sleep is just a concept. An unattainable dream.
As parents of an 18 month old, we knew that there would be difficult days ahead with a new-born joining our family. However, after three months I was expecting to see the faint glimmer of the light at the end of the tunnel. At 6 months, our darling girl was still waking 10 times a night. This was not in the script!
Friends and well-meaning parents said, ‘You must sleep when the baby sleeps’. Well how is that possible when you have a full on 2 year old boy and your baby doesn’t sleep?! After reading blogs, books and asking friends and family for advice, I started to feel hopeless. Despite our best efforts nothing was working.
After seeing a paediatrician Sienna was diagnosed with reflux and colic. Our first baby was a dream, sleeping through the night at 10 weeks; we found having a new-born was a piece of cake. Having a crying baby with reflux was completely different and something that has to be experienced to be believed.
After 6 months of no sleep I decided we should call Dorothy.
After our first phone conversation she gave me tips and advice I could use straight away. She assured me that we could change Sienna’s behaviour and that things would get better. Dorothy sent me a specific plan for our baby and our family dynamics. Many of the books I was reading on sleep advice didn’t take in account having an active toddle that needed an outing every day, that fact that our children were sharing a room and Sienna having reflux. Dorothy sent us a meal plan (including recipe suggestions), sleep plan and techniques to resettle Sienna.
After sticking to the plan for two weeks Sienna was sleeping through the night! Words can’t explain how getting a full night sleep increased the sanity of our family. We had more energy and patience with our toddler, enjoyed spending time together as a family, and I felt like I could get through the day.
Some babies will sleep through the night no problem, others like Sienna need extra help learning how to self-settle and sleep. My only regret is that I didn’t contact Dorothy sooner. If we decide to have another baby (too early to make that decision at the moment!) we will be calling her sooner rather than later. The first 6 months of Sienna’s life is such a blur, I hardly remember anything. Had a contacted Dorothy sooner things may have been different. Third time around I’m going to have her number on speed dial! As they say the best gift you can give a new mother is a full night sleep.
Jill Andrews — February 2015, as posted on the OHbaby! blog

I can’t thank Dorothy enough! After our first phone conversation she gave me tips and advice I could use straight away. She assured me that we could change our 5 month old’s behaviour and that things would get better. Dorothy sent me a specific plan for our baby and our family dynamics. Many of the books I was reading on sleep advice didn’t take in account having an active toddle that needed an outing every day, that fact that our children were sharing a room and our baby having reflux. Dorothy sent us a meal plan (including recipe suggestions), sleep plan and techniques to resettle. After 2 weeks our daughter was sleeping through the night! Yay!!
Jill Andrews — February 2015

Thank you Dorothy for your help once again with our second son, its always so good that you give us the confidence that we doing it right just with one or 2 tweaks and we have a baby that is happier and sleeping longer.
Merryn Robertson — January 2015


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“Dorothy’s knowledge of babies and small children is vast, and her skills both as a baby nurse and nanny are phenomenal. Dorothy made us feel safe both in our role as parents and whenever we left her in charge of our son when travelling”.
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones


“Taking us step by step through the realities of being parents so joyfully and simply has certainly helped us make the transition from a family of two to a family of three”.
Russell and Danielle Crowe